How to train the back width?

You wonder how to train the width of the back? How do you make your back look as muscular from the front as it does from the side? After reading this article, you will know which muscles are responsible for back width and what exercises you can use to improve it.

The muscles that primarily create back width are the latissimus and the lateral shoulders. You train these muscles through exercises such as pull-ups, close grip rowing, pullovers and side raises, among others. If you’re focusing on back width, you can do these exercises at the beginning of your workout.

What muscles provide back width?

First of all, let’s say that all the muscles located on the back of the upper body contribute more or less to back width. However, there are some muscles that are a bit more dominant than the others when it comes to back width. These primarily include the latissimus, but the lateral shoulders also contribute their share to back width. As you can see, it’s not just the back muscles that make the back appear wide and V-shaped: Back width is a term for a physical appearance created by multiple muscles.

What exercises train back width?

One of the best ways to train the latissimus is through vertical pulling exercises like pull-ups and the lat pulldown. You can train the latissimus just as effectively by using a tight grip for horizontal pulling exercises like rowing. With pullovers, you can pull from a different angle, create a strong stretch in the latissimus, and work some parts of the latissimus better than with horizontal and vertical pulling exercises. Side raises and upright rowing are the best exercises to give your back the perfect V-shape with rounded shoulders.


There is no single muscle that is solely responsible for back width, nor is there a specific exercise to train it. Rather, it is a physical appearance that results from the interaction of several muscle groups. The muscles that primarily contribute to back width are the latissimus and also the lateral shoulders. Some of the best exercises to work these muscles include pull-ups, close grip rowing, pullovers and side raises.

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