Fear of the gym? With these 4 tips you can overcome it!

Are you eager to join a gym, but dreading your first workout? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to stay that way! In this article, I’ll show you 4 tips you can use to overcome gym anxiety!

#1 Wear long clothes

If you’re not physically comfortable, you don’t have to work out in a tank top or belly top. In the beginning, you can wear something long like a sweater and sweatpants. Even many bodybuilders train this way because they want to focus on their work, the training. Wearing long clothes can help you have fun with your workout first and foremost instead of worrying about your physical appearance.

#2 Work out with friends

We humans are social creatures and like to do things together. Instead of going to the gym alone the first time, you can go with a friend. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved if you go with someone who also wants to start and may feel the same way. Even if you don’t manage to go to the gym together every time, it will help you in the beginning to make going to the gym a habit and overcome the fear.

#3 Work out at home first

We tend to be afraid of new things and it’s no different with the gym. If you don’t currently do any sports at all, you can do your first workouts with bodyweight exercises at home and go jogging, for example. This way you can get used to the sport and build up some muscle and endurance. If you go to the gym for the first time with this background, you’ll do it with much more confidence: so it won’t feel quite so new and will be easier because only the training location is different.

#4 Everyone is scared

At the gym, you’re not the only one who’s scared. If you think about experienced athletes, it may seem at first glance that they don’t have fear. The reason is not the same, but they too are afraid of the challenges they face regularly in order to make progress in their training. So fear is not something you overcome once forever, but you get used to it and acquire the ability to overcome fears.


Being afraid of something new is normal and it’s no different at the gym. The first step is the most difficult, but also the most important. To make this first step easier, you can wear long clothes in the beginning, go to the gym with friends or work out at home for now. Keep in mind that we all have fears and the only way to overcome fear is to go through it.

Did these tips help you overcome gym fear? Feel free to share your experience in the comments, I’m happy to share with you. If you have more questions about signing up and working out at the gym for the first time, you can ask me there too, I’m happy to help!

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