Is lat pulldown enough for back?

You wonder if lat pulldown is enough for back? Can you fully train your back with this exercise alone or should you do additional exercises? After reading this article, you will know if lat pulldown is enough for your back training, when it makes sense to do additional exercises and which ones are best for it.

Whether lat pulldowns are enough for your back depends on your training plan. If you do a full body workout, the back is already sufficiently stressed by lat pull-downs. If you do a split workout, you can do additional exercises for the back.

Full body workout

In a full-body workout, the back is already sufficiently stressed by lat pulldowns. Alternatively, you can do a horizontal pulling exercise like rowing instead of a vertical pulling exercise like lat pulldowns or pull-ups. While lat pulldowns or pull-ups work the back a little differently than rowing, all of these exercises are suitable for a comprehensive back workout. Therefore, one of these back exercises is sufficient for a total body workout.

Split training

With a split workout, you can work your back much harder than with a full-body workout. While one exercise is sufficient for a full-body workout, you can do lat pulldowns or pull-ups as well as rowing in a split workout. In addition to different angles, you can also vary the grips to give your back a more comprehensive workout. Other exercises you can do for your back include rowing, pull-ups and pullovers.


Depending on the training plan you have, you can do more or less back exercises. In a full body workout, lat pulldowns are enough for the back. In a split workout, you can stress the back with additional exercises. Other back exercises you can do include rowing, pull-ups and pull-overs.

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