Is side lift enough for shoulders?

You wonder if sidelift is enough for shoulders? Can you fully train your shoulders with this exercise alone or should you do additional exercises? After reading this article, you will know whether lateral raises are enough for your shoulder training, when it makes sense to do additional exercises and which ones are best for this.

Whether side raises are enough for your shoulders depends on your training plan. If you do a full body workout, side raises are sufficient to train the shoulders. If you do a split workout, you can do additional exercises for the shoulders.

Full body workout

When you do a full-body workout, the shoulders are already trained through various exercises. The front shoulder is worked through pressing exercises like bench press and shoulder press. The back shoulder is worked by pulling exercises like rowing, lat pulldowns and pull-ups. If you want to do an isolation exercise for the shoulders, side raises are a good choice to work the lateral shoulders.

Split Training

Split training allows you to work the shoulders much harder than a full body workout. The anterior and posterior shoulders are trained in a split workout through a greater number of push and pull exercises, among other things. Therefore, you can specifically train the lateral shoulder with isolation exercises. One shoulder exercise you can do in addition to side raises is, for example, upright rowing.


Depending on your training plan, you can do more or less shoulder exercises. In a full body workout, side raises are enough for the shoulders. In a split workout, you can stress the shoulders with additional exercises. For example, one shoulder exercise you can do in addition to side raises is upright rowing.

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