Lunges vs Bulgarian Split Squats: Difference, Advantages & Disadvantages

Wondering if lunges or Bulgarian Split Squats are better for your leg workout? To find out, let’s compare the two exercises: in this article, you’ll learn what the difference between lunges and Bulgarian Split Squats is, as well as what the advantages and disadvantages of both exercises are.

What is the difference between lunges and Bulgarian Split Squats?

The main difference between lunges and Bulgarian Split Squats is the foot position. With lunges, you exercise both legs alternately in one set, with the foot position changing (dynamic). In Bulgarian Split Squats, on the other hand, you train one leg in one set and the other leg in the following set, with the foot position of the stabilizing leg remaining unchanged (static). While both exercises use the same movement pattern to train the legs, they require different amounts of balance and coordination skills in the process.

Lunges Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantage of lunges is that this exercise also has a functional component due to the dynamic movement pattern. In addition, lunges usually allow you to use more weight because you have to focus less on coordination compared to Bulgarian Split Squats. The disadvantage of lunges is that it is easier to deviate during the exercise than Bulgarian Split Squats. In addition, lunges, when performed continuously, require more space, which you may not have in a small and busy gym or even at home.

Bulgarian Split Squats Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantage of Bulgarian Split Squats is that you can fully concentrate on one leg during a set. In addition, Bulgarian Split Squats allow you to get less momentum and deflect because the foot of the stabilizing leg always remains in a static position. The downside to Bulgarian Split Squats is that you have to focus a lot on balance and coordination. While this is a matter of practice and habit, it also means that you tend to be able to use less weight with Bulgarian Split Squats than with lunges.


Which exercise is best for your leg workout is largely personal preference. The exercises are so close in terms of movement pattern that you can easily interchange them. For muscle building, the Bulgarian Split Squats have a slight advantage over the lunges because you can be very focused and do less deflection. However, the lunges are at least as good, with which you can additionally improve your functional fitness.

Did this comparison help you plan your leg workouts? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments, I’m happy to exchange ideas with you. If you have more questions about lunges and Bulgarian split squats, you can ask me there too, I’ll be happy to help!

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