Can you build muscle with two workouts per week?

Wondering if you can build muscle with two workouts a week? Is it enough to reach your goals or should you train more often? After reading this article you will know if two training sessions per week are enough, how you should ideally train and how to make it to the iron more often.

Yes, you can build muscle with two workouts per week. The prerequisite is that you train at a sufficiently high intensity and continuously increase the training volume. However, sooner or later you will reach your limits, because at a certain point the training takes too long and becomes ineffective. Ideally, you should train at least 3 times a week to achieve optimal results.

How should you train?

If you only work out twice a week, you can either do a full body workout or an upper body lower body workout. If you work out two days in a row, such as on the weekend, an upper-body lower-body workout is a good choice. To get the most out of this workout, it is recommended to focus on basic exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bench presses, rows, pull-ups and shoulder presses. These exercises involve multiple joints and muscles, allowing you to achieve a higher training volume.

How to train more frequently?

To save time and be able to work out more often, it is best to choose a gym that is as close to work or your home as possible and is open 24 hours. Another option is to set up a home gym or work out with your own body weight. There is also nothing wrong with a combination of both: working out once at the gym and once at home. Also the time of day, can make a difference: Working out in the morning can be beneficial, as things more often get in the way during the day.


If you want to build muscle and are short on time, you should still go to the gym. It’s not ideal, but working out twice a week is better than working out once or not at all. To make these workouts as effective as possible, a full body workout or an upper body lower body workout with basic exercises is a good idea. While you’ll get results with two workouts a week, especially as a beginner, sooner or later you’ll need to work out more often to continue making progress.

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