5 things you can eat at the bakery for muscle building!

There wasn’t enough time for breakfast and now you’re standing at the bakery wondering what you can order there? At first glance, a bakery may not look athlete-friendly, but there are a few options. In this article, I’ll show you 5 things you can eat at the bakery for muscle building!

#1 Protein Bread

While it’s not offered at every bakery, there are now quite a few that carry protein bread. Eating protein bread on its own may not be a flavor explosion, but it is moist and has a good macronutrient distribution with a good amount of protein and carbohydrates. If you’re lucky, the bakery even offers sandwiches made with protein bread. Otherwise, you can ask if they can top it for you with chicken breast, eggs, and lettuce, for example.

#2 Whole grain sandwiches

You can actually get sandwiches at any bakery and usually with whole grain or multi-grain rolls. Topped with protein-rich foods like chicken breast, turkey breast and eggs, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce, they have good nutritional values for building muscle. However, it may be wise to pay attention to whether there is unnecessary fat in them, such as tartar sauce or excessive butter or margarine. In that case, you can ask if they can top it for you with little or none.

#3 Yogurt cups

Besides pastries and wheat products, some bakeries offer other things like yogurt cups with fruit or cereal. Usually there will be a little more sugar in it than if you were to make your own at home with plain yogurt. But for the baker, such a yogurt cup is one of the healthiest products in the assortment and, above all, high in protein. If you take one with fruit, you’ll have healthy carbs and vitamins in addition to protein, perfect for breakfast.

#4 Pretzels and pretzel sticks

Pretzels and pretzel sticks are good sources of carbohydrates and you can find them at almost every bakery. For muscle building you can eat them without worry, however they don’t have much protein. What you can do is ask the bakery if they can sell you chicken breast or something else high in protein to top the rolls with individually. Otherwise, you can cover the protein with your next meal or pack a protein shake or protein powder in your bag in the morning.

#5 Scrambled eggs

Not every bakery makes fresh scrambled eggs, but it doesn’t cost anything to ask. You’ll have a greater chance of getting scrambled eggs at bakeries that also offer places to sit. With a scrambled egg, you’ve definitely hit the muscle building jackpot. If you then buy a pretzel, pretzel stick, or protein bread to go with it, you’ve got a meal with a good amount of protein and carbohydrates.


Even in a bakery, you can eat relatively healthy if you know what to order. Of course, you’ll have more options if you make your own breakfast at home. But as it is in life, something can always come up. That’s why it’s helpful to be able to find something even at a bakery.

Did these tips help you find something at the bakery to eat for muscle building? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments, I’m happy to share with you. If you have any other questions about the topic, you can ask me there too, I’ll be happy to help!

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