Can you eat fast food for muscle building?

You wonder if you can build muscles with fast food? Can you eat unhealthy things as an athlete or should you rather do without them? After reading this article you will know if, how often and which fast food you can eat for muscle building.

As long as you eat mostly healthy food, you can eat fast food for muscle building. This means eating mostly unprocessed foods and covering macro and micronutrients. In muscle building, you can allow yourself to eat fast food more often than in fat loss, since you are less restricted in calories as well as carbohydrates.

How often can you eat fast food?

Theoretically, you can eat a small portion of fast food every day if you eat mostly healthy and follow IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). At first glance, this doesn’t sound healthy, but quantity makes the poison. Yes, ideally you would eat only unprocessed foods, but in reality we all eat unhealthy things from time to time. Therefore, many fare better to have a small cheatmeal more often and maintain a healthy approach to fast food instead of having a huge cheat day or, in the worst case, throwing healthy eating completely overboard (yo-yo effect).

What is the best fast food?

Since you have more room for carbs when building muscle, you can visit a burger restaurant every now and then and order burgers with fries and salad, for example. Another good choice is wraps or burritos, which contain a good portion of protein and vegetables in addition to carbohydrates. You can also find many healthy and protein-rich dishes at Asian restaurants, such as sushi and Chinese noodles with chicken and vegetables. One of the healthiest and most famous fast food restaurants that is also suitable for muscle building is Subway.


As you can see, you can eat fast food every now and then when building muscle. As long as you eat mostly healthy and cover your macro and micronutrients, fast food in healthy moderation will not harm your health or muscle building. Fast food only becomes unhealthy when calories are predominantly or exclusively derived from it and, in the worst case, there is an additional lack of exercise. If you eat fast food, it is recommended to choose something that is rich in protein and vegetables.

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