5 things you can eat at Subway for muscle building!

Standing in Subway and wondering what you can order there? Subway is definitely one of the healthier fast food restaurants, but even here there are a few things that are better than the others. In this article, I’ll show you 5 things you can eat at Subway for muscle building!

#1 Bread

When it comes to bread, whole grain (whole wheat bread with seed mix) is the best choice for muscle building. With 222 calories, 11.2 grams of protein, 45.2 grams of carbohydrates, and 4.1 grams of fat (15-cm sub), you have a good base for the sandwich that is healthy and filling. Alternatively, you can go for Honey Oat (whole wheat bread with honey and rolled oats). At 229 calories, 9.5 g protein, 45.2 g carbohydrates and 2.5 g fat (15-cm sub), the whole wheat bread is still healthier, but still better than the white breads to choose from.

#2 Main Topping

For the main topping, Chicken Breast (chicken breast fillet strips) is the best choice. With 75 calories, 13.2 g protein, 2.3 g carbohydrates and 1.1 g fat (15-cm sub), you have a high quality and low fat protein source. Alternatively, you can use other chicken breast varieties such as chicken teriyaki or turkey (turkey breast), which have about the same nutritional values. Another high-protein option is Tuna, where you have 150 calories, 11.9 g protein, 3.8 g carbs and 9.5 g fat (15-cm sub), but more fat because it’s a tuna cream with light mayonnaise.

#3 Second Topping

When it comes to cheese, cream cheese, compared to cheddar or processed cheese, is the best choice for muscle building. At 27 calories, 2.3 grams of protein, 0.4 grams of carbohydrates and 2.3 grams of fat (15-cm sub), cream cheese is high in protein and lower in fat than the other cheeses to choose from. As for the vegetables, you have free choice. The good thing about Subway is that all the vegetables are fresh, low in calories, and rich in micronutrients, leaving you free to choose according to your own taste.

#4 Sauce

The two lowest calorie, lowest fat sauces are the Honey Mustard Sauce and the Yogurt Sauce. Honey Mustard Sauce has 25 calories, 0.2 g protein, 5.3 g carbohydrates and 0.2 g fat (15-cm sub). The Yogurt Sauce has 31 calories, 0.3 g protein, 2.1 g carbohydrates and 2.3 g fat (15-cm sub). Thus, both sauces are good for muscle building if you don’t want to consume too many unnecessary calories from sauces.

#5 Dessert

Subway also shows why they are one of the healthiest fast food restaurants when it comes to dessert. The apple is the better alternative to the cookie. The reason is clear: not only does the apple have fewer unnecessary calories from fat and cane sugar, but it also has healthy vitamins that we also need to build muscle. With 72 calories, 0.4 g protein, 19.1 g carbohydrates and 0.2 g fat, the apple is the perfect dessert for athletes.


Even in a Subway, you can eat relatively healthy if you know what to order. For muscle building, a Subway visit is less bad than for fat loss because you don’t have to cut calories as much. Still, you certainly shouldn’t eat fast food every day. But once you’re there, there are definitely ways to make the meal relatively muscle-building friendly.

Did these tips help you find something at Subway to eat for muscle building? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments, I’m happy to share with you. If you have any other questions about muscle building nutrition at Subway, you can ask me there too, I’m happy to help!

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