Clothing too tight? 4 tips for clothing in muscle building & weight training

The muscle building is going well and you could put on a few kilos of muscle mass? While this is a reason for joy, often the clothes are too tight. The consequence of this is that the clothing tightens or, in the worst case, even tears. But don’t worry, there are a few solutions for that. In this article I’ll show you 4 tips for clothes in muscle building and weight training!

#1 Wear loose clothing

The easiest solution for clothes that are too tight and to prevent them from tearing is to wear wide clothes. Since you build the most muscle mass in the early months and years, it can be especially useful during this time to wear loose clothing so you don’t have to buy new ones every month. For tops, there is a lot of choice, such as XL or XXL sweaters, which many like to wear a little wider anyway. For pants, it gets a little more difficult because of the waistband, but even there there are options like those from sportswear manufacturers.

#2 Buy clothes with stretch material

Another option and alternative for loose clothing, is clothing with stretch material. While common clothes without stretch material fit at the time you bought them, a short time later they may be too tight for you. Clothing, especially shirts and pants, with stretch material, on the other hand, give you some room for muscle growth. This way you can build muscle without having to constantly buy new clothes.

#3 Tailored clothing

Clothes that you find in common fashion stores are simply not designed for people with above average muscle mass. A common example: especially if you have relatively large leg muscles compared to your waist, buying pants can be problematic. Often, if the waistband fits, the pant legs are too tight; if the pant legs fit, the waistband is too wide. Therefore, tailored clothing or subsequent fitting in certain areas can be useful.

#4 Take spare clothes with you

You can’t completely prevent clothing from tearing, even if you take precautions. Pants and shirts in particular tend to tear more quickly. Also, you can’t wear loose clothing or sportswear for every occasion. Buying spare clothes and taking them with you when needed can help, especially for important appointments: If you’re on the go and have the option, you can carry spare clothes in a bag or in the car, for example.


As you can see, there are a few options when your clothes get too tight: You can wear loose clothes, buy clothes with stretch material, take spare clothes or resort to tailored clothes. Don’t drive yourself crazy if your clothes get too tight. At the end of the day, it’s a sign that you did everything right and successfully built muscle: a ripped garment is not a reason to get upset, but to celebrate!

Did these tips help you find the right clothes for building muscle? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments, I’m happy to share with you. If you have any other questions about clothing for muscle building, you can ask me there too, I’ll be happy to help!

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