Training plan without hands (full body & split)

Looking for a workout plan that lets you train without using your hands? Special conditions like an injury can cause you to have to go easy on your hands. That’s why today I’m going to show you how to train in this case and which exercises are best. In this article you will find a full body as well as a 2 split workout plan without stressing the hands.

Full body training plan without hands

Ideal for athletes with little training experience

Legs, back, chest, shoulders & arms

– Hackenschmidt (3x 6-8)

– Rowing with Isolator Proforce (3x 6-8)

– Back Stretch (3x 8-12)

– Butterfly Machine (3x 8-12)

– Side lift machine (3x 8-12)

– Leg lift (3x 8-12)

2 day split training plan without hands

Ideal for athletes with a lot of training experience

Day A: Back, Chest, Shoulders & Arms

– Rowing with Isolator Proforce (3x 6-8)

– Butterfly machine (3x 6-8)

– Lat pulldown with Isolator Proforce (3x 8-12)

– Flying cable pulley with Isolator Proforce (3x 8-12)

– Side lift machine (3x 8-12)

– Face Pulls with Isolator Proforce (3x 8-12)

Day B: Legs, Calves & Abdominals

– Hackenschmidt (3x 6-8)

– Back Stretch (3x 6-8)

– Leg extensors (3x 8-12)

– Leg Curl (3x 8-12)

– Calf raise (3x 8-12)

– Leg raise (3x 8-12)


As you can see, you can put together a good workout plan even without putting any strain on your hands. If you were looking for this training plan because of an injury, I still recommend you consult with someone who knows your individual situation. If you are unsure if you can do an exercise or have concerns about exercising in general, you can consult with your doctor or physical therapist and show them this workout plan. If you are currently injured, I wish you a speedy recovery and happy training!

Did this article help you plan your workout? Feel free to share your experience in the comments, I look forward to exchanging ideas with you. If you have further questions about the training plan, you can also ask me there, I’m happy to help you!

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